Bakken Crude Oil Price

To be sure, we have reason to believe that oil prices may reach US$00 per barrel and continue to rise. As long as Trump is still in the White House, anything can happen. The conflict between Iran and Israel may trigger a full-scale conflict in the Middle

Brent crude oil prices rise

As of press time, the price of WTI crude oil in the United States has recorded a rise of 0.84%, or 0.47, to US$545/barrel; Brent crude oil has risen by US$0.9, or 0.26%, to US$642/barrel.Two weeks ago, the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear agre

World crude oil market

In fact, judging from the market situation in recent days, the crude oil price at 65 US dollars is a dangerous situation. In the absence of good entry, although crude oil prices stabilized at 65 US dollars, there is always a lack of stable favorable suppo

U.S. crude oil production

As the central bank began to tighten monetary policy, higher oil prices and depression were basically the same result. Currie emphasized that his explanation is not to predict a possible future depression, but to warn the market that this should be vigila