International crude oil

International crude oil

But Norwegian Statoil Equinor, the largesInternational crude oilt operator of Norwegian offshore oil and gas platforms, said that so far, the strike has not disrupted production and has little effect on emerging companies and start-up projects.

It has always maintained friendly relations with Iran, and China-Iran economic cooperation is in line with UN resolutions. In fact, after the signing of the Iran nuclear agreement in 205, the economic ties between Iran and many countries in Europe and Asia have been restored. Withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement by the United States itself is already a unilateral action against faith. It further requires the international community to follow it, and it is even more domineering.

The U.S. dollar is also an indispensable factor for oil prices. The recent strong increase in the U.S. dollar has limited the increase in crude oil to a certain extent. This round of the strong increase in the U.S. index has made many people think that this is a signal that the U.S. dollar has begun to rebound. The decline has continued throughout the year. After the Fed’s chairman changed this year, with the pace of raising interest rates gradually landing, the US dollar has indeed stabilized and rebounded. If the increase continues in the future, it will affect the actual demand for crude oil.

Warm reminder: The Federal Reserve's interest rate resolution will be announced on the 0th of the month, which is also the first currency interest rate resolution five days after the closure of the United States. In the context of the US economy being damaged by the closure, the market expects that the Fed's monthly resolution may end its balance sheet reduction.

OPEC previously raised its non-OPEC oil supply growth forecast this year to 70,000 barrels per day. The U.S. Energy Information Administration EIA also predicts that U.S. oil production will reach 0 million barrels per day in 208, breaking a historical record; in 209, it will reach 0.8 million barrels per day, and the United States will become the world's largest oil producer. From this point of view, in the context of high oil prices, the United States will become the biggest gainer. So, if Trump bombards oil prices this time, will he shoot himself in the foot?

Non-trend refers to the fact that there is almost no activity in the market during the renewal phase, and transactions are almost entirely composed of small and medium-sized funds. Under this circumstance, due to the absence of the maInternational crude oilin capital, the market's trading volume has shrunk sharply, price changes are extremely sluggish, and the market has no clear market trend WeChat Jin Yuhao.

Large leverage ratio: large investment with small capital, leverage ratio: 25, that is, US$00 can be used to invest US$2500 in spot crude oil. With small gains, use limited funds to maximize profits. Two-way trading: Two-way up and down trading can be carried out according to the analysis and judgment of investors, and the market trend can be flexibly grasped. Make profit no longer need to wait. Free trading hours: Except Saturdays and Sundays, which are legal holidays in the region, continuous and uninterrupted trading is possible. The trading hours are Monday morning 7 to Saturday morning 4 hedging and hedging: investing in spot commodities can hedge against the risk of asset depreciation in the short term and is the preferred comprehensive hedging product. T+0 transaction: allows investors to quickly close in their funds. Use funds more effectively. Quickly seize opportunities for reinvestment. Unique variety: You don’t need to choose among nearly a thousand stocks like stocks. Many stocks are not conducive to analysis. Spot commodities are more conducive for investors to focus on analysis. The rise and fall are easy to judge: the dollar index, crude oil price fluctuations, geopolitical crisis, climate change, energy pattern changes, etc., can easily judge the trend. Crude oil is a non-renewable resource, and its value continues to rise slowly while rising and falling! There is no market maker: spot commodities are one of the most actively traded commodities in the world. For example, in the past ten years, the low-sulfur light crude oil futures trading contract of the New York Mercantile Exchange NYMEX has become the world's most circulating crude oil trading market, and it is also the world's largest futures contract transaction for a natural product. Due to good trading liquidity and price transparency, its futures contracts are often used internationally as a major pricing benchmark. Third-party custody of funds in banks: funds are third-party custody of funds to ensure the safety of customers' funds. Spot crude oil investment is based on U.S. dollar quotations. Domestic prices are converted into RMB quotations. Therefore, it is closely related to the U.S. economy. The U.S. publishes several important reports every month. There are EIA crude oil inventory data reports every Wednesday night. The historical average daily volatility is 77%, the maximum daily volatility is as high as 7%, which is a weekly opportunity to invest in crude oil. In addition, there is a report on the US non-agricultural employment population data on Friday night of the first week of each month. All these will affect the price trend of spot crude oil, so as soon as the report is released, it is sending money to investors. Crude oil inventory data are reported four times a month, as well as the US non-agricultural employment population data report on Friday night of the first week of each month.