Adal crude oil analysis

Adal crude oil analysis

On the other hand, after the United States imposed sanctions on Iranian crude oil on May 5, tAdal crude oil analysishere will be a big gap in global crude oil supply. OPEC and Russia have previously ignored Trump's request to lower oil prices and show no signs of increasing production. The United States alone cannot make up for this large supply gap.

Fesharaki pointed out in the research report that Europe and ultimately will not oppose the US sanctions on Iran. It is expected that the upper limit of 1 million barrels per day of Iranian oil exports during the previous sanctions will be restored, but it may be gradually implemented through several rounds of implementation. Reach the target level.

The minutes of the Fed’s May meeting show that most members believe that if the US economic outlook remains positive, it will soon raise interest rates again moderately. However, some members pointed out that inflation slightly higher than 2% in the short term is in line with the committee's symmetric inflation target, which is interpreted as a dovish signal by the market.

Since 2000, the United States has also proposed the NOPEC bill many times, but it has been vetoed by the President, but this time is different. Trump seems to hate OPEC very much. He not only named OPEC on social software, but even published a special book titled "Time

Russia hopes to increase production at around 500,000 barrels per day, while Saudi Arabia is under greater pressure from the United States and has to curb the rise in oil prices. The two major oil-producing countries have undoubtedly the greatest motivation for increasing production.

Birol said in an interview on Tuesday 9th thaAdal crude oil analysist international oil prices are entering the red zone. He added that high energy prices have come at a terrible time, as global economic growth has begun to lose momentum, and we need more crude oil supplies.

Although oil reserves and production are not low, Canadian oil has almost one buyer-the United States. Over 80% of Canada's oil is exported to the United States. The huge amount of Canadian oil shipped to the United States every year has led to a sharp increase in the pressure on oil transportation between the two countries. The United States tried to build two oil pipelines to ease the pressure on oil transportation, but they were both stopped by the US Federal Court. One of the oil pipelines has been built 60%.