Current international crude oil prices

Current international crude oil prices

Spot investment refers to the need for physical oil and the purpose of selling physical oil to negotiate the payment method and delivery method, and the transaction method of physical oil in a short time. It is an investment method tCurrent international crude oil priceshat can implement a T+0 trading system with leverage and a two-way trading mechanism.

On June 27, U.S. oil surged again, and once rose above $7, setting a new high since 204. Among them, EIA crude oil inventories fell sharply. Specific data showed that crude oil inventories fell by 9.89 million barrels last week, the largest drop since September 206.

On Wednesday, May 9th, at 2 am Beijing time, US President Trump announced his attitude towards the Iran nuclear agreement. As concerns about supply shortages in the crude oil market continue to rise, Trump's final answer directly affects the direction of oil prices. If Trump withdraws from the Iran nuclear agreement, the fear of supply shortage will cool down, and oil prices may fall under pressure. On the contrary, if the sanctions on Iran are re-sanctioned, the fear of supply shortage will continue to rise, and crude oil prices will receive strong support, which will surely reach new highs.

Ross also reminded that economic effects and the construction of export infrastructure will be the key to US exports in the next few years. OilPrice also believes that future crude oil exports will depend more on the price difference between WTI and Brent crude oil, and the pipeline transportation capacity of the Permian Basin, that is, the speed and cost of oil transport from West Texas to Gulf Coast ports. .

In the first half of this year, the global economy continued its 207-year recovery momentum; however, unlike the simultaneous recovery in 207, the growth of some countries and regions fell short of expectations, and the global recovery situation was divided.

Brent crude oil prices rebounded strongly last week, as OPEC Current international crude oil pricesand its allies agreed to increase crude oil production in order to reduce their excessive production cut implementation rate to nearly 00%. The decline in crude oil production in the previous months was mainly due to the continued decline in Venezuela's production, which was subject to US sanctions.

The Northern League of Italy and the Five Star Movement Party reached a consensus on the position of the Euro-skeptic economist Savona in the future Italian government, and he will be appointed as the minister of EU relations. Adopted is Di Maio Di, the leader of the Italian Five Star Movement Party

Before the Vienna meeting, Russia also hinted that it would gradually increase the production ceiling. At the same time, Russia's crude oil production in the first week of June hit a new high, but the data showed that this was because some companies violated the production ceiling.