Mitsubishi crude oil analysis report

Mitsubishi crude oil analysis report

Matt Badalili, senior research analyst at BanyanHill, said that these companieMitsubishi crude oil analysis reports have not been affected by rising oil prices because many companies hedge when oil prices are at $50 a barrel.

Regarding the connection between the loss of the joint petrochemical transaction and the suspension of the main person in charge by some media, Sinopec issued a clarification announcement, stating that the suspension of the two main persons in charge was due to work reasons and does not require excessive interpretation. At the same time, Sinopec said it is further evaluating the amount of loss.

Morgan Stanley stated that the oversupply of oil in the international oil market in 208 was about 600,000 barrels per day, but this situation will improve in 209, and oil demand will increase by 200,000 barrels per day in 209. OPEC is still relatively Corresponding implementation of the production reduction plan, these impacts will inevitably improve the imbalance of supply and demand in the international oil market, thereby causing oil prices to rebound.

On June 6, the 8th working day of this round, Zhongyu Information estimated that the crude oil change rate was -8%. The crude oil was estimated at $784/barrel, which was a decrease of $478/barrel from the benchmark price. It is temporarily expected to be finished at 24:00 on June 8. The retail price of oil is lowered by RMB 5/ton. The data calculated by Jinlianchuang shows that the price of refined oil will be reduced by about 20 yuan/ton tomorrow. Judging from the two calculation results, the price of refined oil is likely to be lowered, and the rate of reduction is greater than RMB 00/ton.

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are approaching, and more people go out to travel, gasoline consumption will also accelerate, and market demand will increase significantly. Supported by the high operating rates of industrial and mining, infrastructure and other industries, as well as the peak fishing season and the advent of the autumn harvest, fishery and agricultural diesel oil will be supported. Demand for diesel is expected to continue to improve. The industry is generally optimistic about the market outlook. Therefore, the replenishment will be relatively fast after the inventory is digested, which drives the pace of refining the shipment. Under the pressure of no inventory, prices will undoubtedly continue to rise.

According to Reuters, as the world's largest crude oil importer, it is hoped that crude oil futures can finally form a tripartite position with Brent crude oil futures and West Texas IntermediateMitsubishi crude oil analysis report WTI futures. It also hopes to establish the position of the renminbi in the spot crude oil market, avoid the cost of dollar exchange, and increase the use of renminbi in global financial transactions. Platts Energy said that since the listing of INE crude oil futures, many state-owned oil companies and industry participants have participated in the trading of crude oil futures contracts, and retail investors and financial investors have accounted for the vast majority of the participants.

Spot crude oil remained high and fluctuated during the day, and the opening rose by more than %. Because of the sharp drop in crude oil inventories announced by the American Petroleum Institute (API) in the early morning of the day, the spot crude oil price jumped at the opening. The opening oil price rose again during European time and continued to hit the daily high, up to US$448/barrel.

Summary: On Friday, July 27, the Asian market was in early trading, the market was light, and oil prices were trading sideways within a narrow range. After two oil tankers were attacked by Yemeni rebels, Saudi Arabia suspended oil shipments through the Red Sea Strait, leading to an increase in crude oil prices. On the other hand, the positive impact of the latest US crude oil inventory report is also fermenting, boosting crude oil bulls.