Crude oil trend line

Crude oil trend line

Muratov stated that the United States is forcing as many countries as possible to abandon buying oil from Iran. However, Iran also made it clear that this time, it is determined to defend itself. The recent supply negotiations with India directly proved this. In addition, Tehran will continue to look for new Crude oil trend linemarkets and establish new alliances, such as increasing supply to the Asian market.

It should be noted that the U.S. dollar index plummeted by nearly 90 points in the short-term, with a refresh day as low as 967. Weak U.S. economic data, the Bank of England’s unexpected eagle ignited the rise of the pound, and the fall in U.S. bond yields together led to a fall in the dollar under pressure. Recently, the call to bear the dollar began to sound, and some investment banks said that the dollar’s ​​rise is likely to have peaked.

Iran and Iraq began to exchange crude oil on the basis of the CIF price agreement. The Kirkuk oil field in northern Iraq delivers 10,000 to 60,000 barrels of crude oil to Iran every day. In exchange, Iran delivers crude oil of the same value to ports in the Gulf region of southern Iraq.

More data show that Cushing, Oklahoma's crude oil inventories fell by 80,000 barrels last week, a continuous weekly decline. US refined oil inventories increased by 290,000 barrels, and the market is estimated to increase by 240,000 barrels. U.S. gasoline inventories fell by 2.56 million barrels, a decline for five consecutive weeks, and the market is estimated to decrease by 280,000 barrels. Last week, US crude oil imports decreased by 10,000 barrels/day to 7.79 million barrels/day; last week, US crude oil exports decreased by 10,000 barrels/day to 10,000 barrels/day. EIA data shows that the refinery's capacity utilization rate soared to 9% from last week. In addition, last week, US domestic crude oil production fell by 0 million barrels to 0.9 million barrels per day, a record low since the 9th week of June.

In the spot market, there is no difference between a master and a low hand. Only when there is a loss or not, can you make money if you stop the loss, and you will always lose money if you don’t stop the loss; a successful investor will always control the risk , Do not forget to stop loss in the trend, and do not forget the trend in the stop loss, the balance of the two is the greatest guarantee of investment profit.

Laurelli said that in the period when market expectations are fluctuating, this part of the investment in oil funds is very expected, and the inflow may be maintainCrude oil trend lineed in 208. According to data from eVestment, in the first quarter of this year, investors invested US$0 billion in hedge funds focusing on commodities, the highest level since the third quarter of 206. Last year, they withdrew $800 million from it, the first net outflow in 204 years.