U.S. crude oil industry supremacy

U.S. crude oil industry supremacy

Has the spring oU.S. crude oil industry supremacyf spot crude oil prices come? According to foreign media reports, Angola's oil production hit a 0-year low, and concerns about supply shortages in the crude oil market have further intensified, and crude oil prices are likely to usher in a surge.

The people who win the most cards in the game are not those who have good hands, but those who know how to leave the table in time. This sentence is the same in the crude oil investment market. No matter how the non-agricultural influence is big, it will eventually be a short wave of market. From a short time before the data is released, the emotional conflict between the long and the short in the market has gradually become fierce. The conflict reached its peak at the time of the announcement. Loss is commonplace. Heroes and heroes will never be too in love with battle, it is wise to stop profit when appropriate.

If the world's largest oil company Saudi Aramco seeks to conduct an IPO next year, the Saudi government should push up oil prices to increase Saudi Aramco's valuation. At present, Saudi Aramco is facing technical problems in crude oil extraction that cannot be ignored, and its crude oil production may have reached its upper limit.

Trump called on oil-producing countries to increase production to control oil prices and support the global economy. According to Bloomberg News, before the United States announced its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, the Trump administration had asked Saudi Arabia to increase crude oil production by an average of 0 million barrels per day to balance market supply and demand.

JBC said in a report that the WTI/Brent crude oil spread has risen sharply, which obviously does not reflect the view that the easing of infrastructure constraints and the slowdown in US supply growth should reconnect the two markets in the medium term.

According to the US "Forbes" report, Venezuela's oil production is decreasing at an average rate of 0% per quarter. By the end of this year, VenezuelaU.S. crude oil industry supremacy's oil production will decrease by nearly 500,000 barrels per day. And Venezuelan oil export is a big problem, only 640,000 tons of the 420,000 barrels of oil per day can be exported.

This is an encouraging sign and implies that production will slow down. The number of rigs is an early indicator of future production. Market investors will continue to pay attention to the weekly rig production data in the United States to obtain further signals of the US production level.

After the international subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, despite the shrinking external demand, my country launched a 4 trillion investment stimulus policy, adopted strong stimulus to real estate and infrastructure investment, and real estate prices rose rapidly. The financial cycle is up, and the economy is overheating. At the same time, the increase in crude oil prices has led to a rapid increase in CPI and PPI. During this period, growth and inflation have shown an upward process together, starting from 0 in 200 to July in 20. , The central bank raised deposit and loan interest rates five times in a row to curb inflation.

Sharenow pointed out in its report that the U.S. crude oil price exceeded US$70 per barrel, the first time since January 204. However, with the increase in oil prices, investment from domestic crude oil producers may be limited.