Crude oil contract specification margin NYMEX

Crude oil contract specification margin NYMEX

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insiders said that the data is not accurate. "This may only be the capacity demand obtained

On September 29, international oil prices weakened, erasing some of the previous day's gains. Investors' continued concerns about the outlook for demand caused by the coronavirus epidemic exceeded the expectations of the new US stimulus plan. The world bank said on Monday that the new coronavirus epidemic is expected to lead to the Asia Pacific region's slowesCrude oil contract specification margin NYMEXt economic growth in more than 50 years. NYMEX crude oil and Brent crude oil rose 1.32% and 1.61% respectively last day, as US Democratic Party members announced a $2.2 trillion new relief bill for the coronavirus epidemic. Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, said it was a compromise. The rally (overnight) has disappeared quickly within the day. This shows that although the speculative short momentum is still not strong, but the driving forces of the market potential bearish eg: consumption reduction, global oversupply, epidemic situation, etc. It is still strengthening.

market of crude oil is still likely to rise to a new high, but the daily line level MAC is