Crude oil spot price chart

Crude oil spot price chart

We are looking forward to the OPEC conference and theCrude oil spot price chart OPEC + ministerial meeting today and

only 500000 barrels a day. The April OPEC + agreement called on oil producing countries to

For crude oil, once the trend is formed, only the trend will be favorable in operation. It is unwise to copy the bottom and escape the top. It is still fresh in my memory when it dropped to negative before, but since 7

Integrating market news, the rapid reduction of global oil storage space may promote further production reduction. Although OPEC + and its allies have agreed to reduce production by 9.7 million barrels / day, the global epidemic has led to a sharp drop in demand, so it does not play a supporting role at all. It is not only Cushing's storage capacity is running out, India's oil tanks are almost full, and oil tankers full of crude oil are starting to be located on the coast of the United States It is concentrated near the famous floating storage area.

fork, if can break the resistance near 46.68 of last week's high point, it is expected to

The increase in the UAE's conventional oil resCrude oil spot price charterves sends a strong signal that Abu Dhabi is

the recovery of demand may be hit by a new round of warming up of the epidemic. On the other