Daily crude oil price

Daily crude oil price

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From the short-term 4-hour trend of crude oil, the price brin belt is currently in the closing downward direction, and the Ma5 daily line forms a gold fork structure from the bottom to the top. However, KDJ express line shows a trend of over pulling up the turning head, and there is a rebound trend in MACD golden cross. However, the upper pressure is strong and there is no sustained good market news. Generally speaking, on the short-term thinking of today's operation, personal suggestions are mainly to reboundDaily crude oil price from the high altitude, supplemented by callback and long-term, the upper part focuses on 38.5-39.0 first-line resistance, and the lower part focuses on 36.5-36.0 first-line support in the short-term.

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Crude oil fell back to the top of the first support area on Friday, but the upper part was limited to the first resistance area, and then it again rose and fell. Finally, K line reported the upper and lower shadow line small Yin line. At present, the daily line is gradually approaching the front low line resistance. Before breaking through, the short-term rebound should be cautious. From the side view of the 4-hour chart, brin's upper and lower tracks are narrowed, and the MACD zero axis runs dead fork. The short-term line has technology During the day, the first support was 40.40-50, the second support was 39.70-80, the upper resistance was 41.60-70, and the second resistance was 42.20-30. The focus was on the first support and the first resistance. After the lower side obtained support, it was expected to continue to test the first resistance, but it was cautious to pursue the rise before the second resistance recovered.

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