World crude oil market

World crude oil market

In fact, judging from the market situation in recent days, the crude oil price at 65 US dollars is a dangerous situation. In the absence of good entry, although crude oil prices stabilized at 65 US dollars, there is always a lack of stable favorable support. On the contrary, the bad news is continuous entry. The market, it is the pressure of crude oil inventories and the remarks of the oil-producing countries to increase production. Therefore, the overall market is still showing a downward state. The US$65 has been under pressure. Therefore, I can only pray that the US$65 can be used before the OPEC meeting. The situation stabilized. Crude oil prices should not expand their downward trend. Perhaps there is still a World crude oil marketglimmer of life in the future.

In the past few days, oil prices have fallen wildly, which is like a nightmare for crude oil bulls. Saudi Arabia and Russia’s plans to increase production have caused WTI crude oil to plummet by nearly 0% from a three-and-a-half-year high of $7/barrel to around $66/barrel; Brent crude oil also fell by nearly 5%, and its price is now about $75. /barrel. The price difference between the two oils widened to US$8, the highest since 205 months. This has also triggered a fierce debate on the future trend of oil prices in the market.

Fox Business News commented that the actual GDP performance of the United States in the first quarter was slightly worse than expected, but the tax reform may boost economic activity during the year. With the stable performance of consumer spending, business investment, and industrial production in April, the data released a signal that GDP growth might accumulate momentum early in the second quarter. Economists previously predicted that the 5 trillion tax reform plan would boost economic growth this year to a level close to %.

On May 25, the Trump administration stated that it would restart negotiations with North Korea. The day before, Trump announced the cancellation of the meeting with Kim Jong Un originally scheduled to be held in Singapore on June 2. The news of the resumption of the talks made U.S. crude oil prices drop sharply on May 24th. Trump hinted that the summit may proceed as originally planned.

In addition, according to Reuters, White House spokesperson Sanders stated at a regular press conference on May 7 local time that Chief Economic Advisor and Vice Premier Liu He will travel to the United States this week to continue consultations with the US President’s economic team. The United States will keep informed of the progress of the consultations. Sanders did not disclose further details about the arrangements for the talks.

Crude oil investment has a more flexible T+0 two-way trading model, which is convenient for grasping market conditions and avoiding risks at any time, and has strong operational flexibility; there is a very high capital utilization rate. Crude oil investmenWorld crude oil markett uses margin trading, which greatly improves the utilization rate of capital .